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[quote=Tuco]It always worked in the past for plenty of other titles, not sure why it shouldn't here.

Which ones?

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No, it wouldn't.

Yes, it would.

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irrelevant. The AI manages whatever enemy is set on the encounter. It doesn't require to script individual moves for each enemy. That's the very reason Larian worked on a "proper AI system" since DOS 2 and something they advertised strongly in the past.
You'd literally just need to swap models in the toolset to already have it somewhat working, with occasional minor adjustments required.

It very relevant. Every other game like Pathfinder or Pillars of Eternity has braindead enemies that walk into fire, never wake their allies from sleeping, get tanked by summons immune to damage, etc. Difficulty in these games is superficial, because no matter how many hps or damage your enemies have they can easily be defeated by using very basic tactics that simply do not work in BG3 because of better AI.

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That doesn't really change anything in practical terms. If you need to tone down an AI to make an encounter viable, maybe that encounter needs revisions to begin with.

And make encounters boring like in Pathfinder? You have to gimp yourself very hard or play using mods to actually enjoy combat in most DnD-style games if you know basics of DnD.

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No, it's not. Which is precisely why Solasta gives you several occasions to escort one or two extra NPCs for long stretches of the game.

Excatly. Escort missions with temporary allies would become slogfest if Solasta had a 6-person party. Or we would have to deal with overbuffed enemies.