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It is really hard to satisfy the DO:S, BG and D&D fans at the same time. I am not so familiar with D&D 5e but they sould not do too many changes to the ruleset. Played DO:S 2 for a while and for me the game looks like DO:S 2 (UI, group navigation, telepathy). But to be fair even in BG they did not implement the D&D rules of this time to 100% correctly.

Without turning this to another "this is not a dnd game"-thread I just want to respond with that I completely understand that you can't fully convert the TT game to a digital platform. Missing a real time human DM is a big part of that. And as far as I know, no company has really managed to translate for ex the resting system well. And yes, a little bit of homebrewing is not only acceptable but even expected. So they can give their personal touch on it. Emphasis on little. First and foremost you'll get a deep understanding of the game system you'll have to work with. Then you'll work on overcoming the limitations the new media format brings and find workarounds. After that, you can add some extra for fun where you find the original system is lacking.
And that, is not what Larian is has showned to be doing so far. As for pleasing DOS fans when this game has nothing to do with that game series, I better keep my mouth shut. There, I think it's better to leave it at that.

Like I said, my rant was off-topic but the moment was just too tempting to give up.