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I like the narrator very much, it's a wonderful voice with wonderful things to say.

Please keep it - and give us MORE of her!

It's great that you love hearing the narrator read the narration text, and I'd never think of depriving you of hearing her sexy, sultry voice that no doubt keeps you awake at night...;) But the way Larian previously handled the narrator reading the narration was ideal since those who wanted to hear the text read back to them by a nonPC could hear it (your group), while those who didn't want to hear it read back to them for various reasons could simply turn it off and read the narration text themselves, much faster, and far more in keeping with the game's content (my group). Larian had it nailed--and then reversed course. And the result is the forced narration, which takes choice out of the picture. That doesn't work, imo.

So it's only a matter of how the narration text is delivered to the player, and giving the player a choice of hearing it read by someone not in the game or simply reading it at his own speed silently--usually much faster than the narrator can speak it. Giving players the choice is what I recommend Larian returning to--not removing the narration text from the game.

Again, it's baffling, because Larian had solved the problem brilliantly in D:OS2 by placing the narrator on a single thread that could be modulated independently of all other spoken dialogue in the game. That was carried forth by the first few patches of BG3 EA, only reversed to D:OS2 status as of patch 5, I believe. Why?

I just find it strange as this issue became quite heated in D:OS2, IIRC, and putting the narration on a single thread independently controllable by the player solved it completely--everybody was happy, etc. Just can't figure the reversal, and I hope the Devs will change it back to having the narration on a single thread for independent modulation by the player.

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