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Her voice is one of the most jarring aspects of the game, constantly popping up telling me what my character is supposed to be feeling or seeing. Her sultry, come-to-bed voice would be fine in an advert or playing a femme-fatale but feels completely out of place in a BG game.

Yes, apt description! You've nailed it...;)

One other small thing is that narration is a classic device used in books--novels, even short stories. But in a book, the only avenue of communication the writer has with the reader is the written text--there's no other way to advance his themes or story or setting--except through the written word. In computer games, fortunately, we have all manner of other mediums that are available to push concepts, stories, settings, emotion and more. Elements like character animation, sound effects, spoken dialogue, musical scores and themes, such that words convey only a fraction of the content imparted.

In fact, I'd go so far as to say that in a colossal work like BG3 we might even do away with the classical narration completely and not miss it!

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