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Every D&D game so far that allowed for a party ranged from 1 to 6 characters

Every DnD game like NWN1, NWN2 and Solasta? Some games had a party of 6, and those are extremely outdated and also not even TB like BG3.

Aside for the fact that I said "Every game that allowed...", sorry if I don't take as models some of the worst games ever made with the D&D license, only because by your warped metrics anything else is "outdated" (despise a lot of these games being actually more recent than the ones you mentioned).
I'll taka a new Temple of Elemental Evil over the pile of trash that both the NWN 1 SP and NWN2 were.

You literally just confirmed my point. Playing with 4 people in a game designed for 6 will screw the balance for these people. Having a smaller party shouldn't be an added challenge, because many people just like smaller parties and don't want to suffer for that.
Your point doesn't even stand on its own legs, given that it's not even written on stone that 4 players should play with just 4 characters, for one, or that the game should be particularly tuned to set the challenge for six, to begin with.

It will, because I want an enjoyable experience with balanced diffciluty for 4 and 2 person parties.
I'm sorry, but who cares of what YOU want? The point is that one approach suggested here allows to satisfy multiple demographics while yours wouldn't.

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Also, the very assumption that turn-based combat would make HARDER to manage more characters is a load of bullshit, especially when it's most likely the opposite. Josh Sawyer himself went on record saying that if POE II was designed to be turn-based from the get go he probably wouldn't have lowered the party size to 5 and mentioned as an example Battle Brothers being great with a default party of 12 characters.

First of all, not harder, but more frustrating considering. Then, Josh Sawyer never designed a successful TB title, I can't even remember a single TB game he actually made aside from unreleased Fallout Van Buren. And he isn't a god of rpgs anyway, his PoE series flopped in the end so hard there will be no PoE3 like the first two. Also Battle Brothers isn't even a DnD RPG, it's a strategy game rather than a DnD RPG like BG3, it has a different system. Like X-COM plays nicely with 6 person party because their system is different and tailored for that type of game. In BG3 larger combats (druid grove, duergar civil war) already are sloggish and boring with just 4 people.
I never even said half of the things you are allegedly objecting to (never called Sawyer a god of RPG design, but if nothing else he understands his systems) and the rest isn't really relevant (Battle Brothers not being D&D is irrelevant. The game still allows for a complexity of character options in combat at least comparable to D&D 5th Ed.

This entire thing is literally a load of "making poor nonsensical excuses to rabidly defend the status quo, no matter what".
I'd be ready to bet you wouldn't even care if Larian suddenly declared that six characters as mandatory for everyone would be the new standard. Maybe even praise them for it, just because "it's their vision" or something.
You are just unhealthily invested on defending whatever decision they already made.

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Party control in Baldur's Gate 3 is a complete mess that begs to be addressed. SAY NO TO THE TOILET CHAIN