Personally I think a missing narrator to be one of the flaws of the storytelling of many computer rpgs -- the original BG games among them (as far as I remember, aside from the chapter and dream narration there is none -- in dialogue at least). Games like BG3 and Owlcat's Pathfinder games benefit greatly from having a narrator to inform you about the "author's intention" in scenes.

I'm fully with you on the option to mute or unmute the narrator, or control it's volume. But I wouldn't want it gone at all. Especially since these:
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In computer games, fortunately, we have all manner of other mediums that are available to push concepts, stories, settings, emotion and more. Elements like character animation, sound effects, spoken dialogue, musical scores and themes, such that words convey only a fraction of the content imparted.

...Aren't close to being fine enough to compete with the narrator at this point. They all have their place. Just imagine the "Illithid influencing" scenes in-game right now: up until this patch (or Patch 5?) they didn't have the Mark appear on them visibly when the narration said it did, which was a bit confusing, but the narration still made it clear what was happening through context. But imagine the same scenes without the narration, even with the Mark being animated... It would be needlessly mystifious and much more confusing.

That's why a narrator is needed. To convey things to you that mere visuals and sounds cannot.

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