The main thing is that BG3 is a grown up RPG with mature, even dark themes. So why is combat a silly and cartoony pushing and shoving meme fest? It's Iike the writing team and the gameplay design team are making different games.

The distance buff + bonus action + verticality everywhere is way too much for Shoving.

The first two should definitely be axed because of the third.

I do like it that strength vs. weight is a factor with distance, but it's just too much. Shoving someone into an instant death should be hard instead of a trivial bonus move with 50%+ success rate. It should often require more than one Shove (or teamwork) so that the target gets a chance to react and move away from the ledge. There's no struggle. It's just one person casually slapping someone off a ledge to an instant death in a cartoony exaggerated arc.

It's also pretty dumb when someone falls into a bottomless pit but then their body teleports to camp for a cheap res.

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