To save space I won't copy down quotes. When I mentioned the origin characters I was referring to the original five characters that are obviously the main characters of the game based on images and so forth and the fact that they are the first five origin characters of the game. So for maximum story contact, it would be good and user friendly to allow players the ability to travel with all five origin characters at one time so they don't have to constantly bounce around back and forth between camp with who they want to travel with just to be able to see all the story elements.

And I don't understand why you think the math doesn't work. If I fight a monster with one character and that monster is worth 300 experience, then if I fight it with two characters, I should earn 150 for each of my two characters because it was twice as easy to defeat that monster because I had two people to defeat it. Two characters should not earn 300 experience for fighting a monster that one person would get 300 experience for. The harder the fight is, the more experience you should get, so if one person defeats a monster that would normally take two people, that one person should gain all the experience of two people.

The point of using this system is that you can have any number of party members, and the game is balanced out. Why? Because if I play the game with six characters I will level up a lot slower with all six characters then if I play the game with only one character. So my party of eight maybe all at level two, but my party of one could be at something like level 6 just because that one character got all the experience that the party of eight divided amongst themselves. The problem with the way the system is built in bg3 is that everybody gets all the experience earned from every battle so they level up super fast regardless of party size.