Agreed. Here's my breakdown of the biggest problems with Shove as it is, in Patch 6, and my proposals to solve it.

Problem 1: it's a 100% no brainer move to use for 80% of characters in melee. It's so cheap action-wise that you should almost always use it - and that's a problem. Even ignoring the chance of success and high lethality, the zero opportunity means it's just a thing to do, as opposed to a strategic choice the player makes.

Fix: make it a attack (note, not a full action) per PnP. This means martials with Extra attack will eventually be actually be able to shove multiple times with 1 action (trading an attack each time). The reason why I like this more than the full action is it lets Shove scale with martials better (so it doesn't become irrelevant, see Fix #2 and 3), but nerf it in the earlier levels when it can have most impact.

Problem 2: Stealth interactions with Shove is broken. This one is straight forward. Stealth/Invisible + Shove should not make shove a 100% success, especially with how easy it is to abuse.

Fix: remove or nerf stealth to shove bonus.

Problem 3: It's currently too lethal on success due to an incomplete system implementation. Larian's already taken a right step in terms of reducing the chance of shove success, but because of #1 and #2, it still dominates the game.

Fix: Implemented a proper reaction system + proper Feather Fall, where it's a reaction (to falling). Lastly, cap fall damage to 10d6 per the rules. This gives more counter-play to shoving (for the player and AI), and also ensures people with the right skills and beefy characters can't just be outright killed by fall damage.