Yeah, I just did gobbo leader fight, and push was the cancer. Yes, it's really cool that one can push enemies (and be pushed) into spider pit, but it's just riddiculus. I even pushed on gobbo all the way from stairs, which is quite a long way from the edge. Push, and unavoidable 20 damage granades.

While I do think push should be main action, I don't think I would mind it as a bonus one, if it wasn't as OP. Have enemies be pushed just far enough so they break engagement. If the are really close to the edge, so be it - let them fly to their deaths. As it is now, if there is a ledge nearby, push feels like desintegration that you can cast every turn as a bonus action. And don't get me started on items and abilities that can send an enemy flying without even being close to them (stupid arrows of magical pushing).