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But that's precisely what solo players usually strive for: the additional challenge. Being able to say "I did it, despise the odds being stacked against me".

You have no idea what you are talking about. Hardcore players do that. Actual solo players, people who like having 1 character they control and manage in RPGS don't play BG1,2 and similiar titles exactly because it is too challenging for an enjoyable experience. They play Skyrim, Witcher and many other RPGs and there are a lot of players like that. And guess what, these people bought and enjoyed Original Sin 2 because Lone Wolf allowed them to play the game the way they want without feeling handicapped.
You say Tuco is projecting in an earlier post, but you're doing a fair bit of projecting and gatekeeping here yourself. You're perfectly entitled to your playstyle, but don't put your preferences on others and pigeonhole them into boxes/restrictions they must follow in order to be an "actual solo player." (Tuco is also generalizing, but at least he prefaced it with "usually.")

You might have enjoyed DOS2 because you could play a solo character while still having an easier time, but that doesn't mean that other "solo players" liked the game for that reason. And you might have not played BG1&2 because they were too challenging, but I'm sure that there are many people who enjoyed both BG1&2 AND solo playthroughs of DOS2, as well as titles like Skyrim/Witcher and even other "harder" party crpgs like Pathfinder and PoE (me for example).

As BG3 currently is, there is no support for playing a solo playthrough because solo characters don't get any more exp. It is strictly more difficult. While splitting experience between all party members won't help a solo character once they reach the level cap, this mechanic would at least help until that point. And it will also balance the game for party sizes larger than 4, so everyone benefits!