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precisely based on this principle solo runners would exp WAY faster than large parties
That is exactly what i said. O_o

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When I mentioned the origin characters I was referring to the original five characters that are obviously the main characters of the game based on images and so forth and the fact that they are the first five origin characters of the game. So for maximum story contact, it would be good and user friendly to allow players the ability to travel with all five origin characters at one time so they don't have to constantly bounce around back and forth between camp with who they want to travel with just to be able to see all the story elements.
I know and they are not just 5 ... we only have 5 of them *now*
Sven himself specifictly told us that there are NOT all Origin characters implemented right now.
And there is a lot of dataminined evidence aswell.

They arent the only ones... just the first ones we get ...
Just as with the classes, sub-classes, races, and countless other stuff.

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And I don't understand why you think the math doesn't work. If I fight a monster with one character and that monster is worth 300 experience, then if I fight it with two characters, I should earn 150
Problem here is that 300 xp is not for "a character" as you say ... its for default group wich is 4.
Therefore if you manage to defat that monster allone you should get 1200xp.

You see im not arguing about principle just about final numbers.
Your only misstake was using single character as default value in the world where everything (rewards included) is prepared for 4.

I realize this might seem like 3/3=6/6 argument ...
But final numbers matter ... unless you also alter amount of XP for levels.

By the way i love the idea and i think it should be implemented regarfless of party size ... just imagine you could attack Githyanki patrol either with 4x lvl4 or with 1 or 2x lvl 5 bcs you spread them for some encounters. ^_^
Sound great to me.

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The problem with the way the system is built in bg3 is that everybody gets all the experience earned from every battle so they level up super fast regardless of party size.
Might have second reason ...
Since you are supppse to take party members with you to zheir respeczive quests (still dont quite understand why are we unable to question Zoru oureselves) ... it would be awfull to drag level 1 to some combat situation.l

I still dont understand why cant we change Race for our hirelings. frown
Lets us play Githyanki as racist as they trully are! frown