Well at least in this thread there is a spirited if rather bitter tasting back and forth. In the movement mechanic thread I've heard far fewer defenses of the current design. But 4 has support here. Still perhaps if they could get 4 players moving more smoothly and the inventory working better, a player coming from the DOS experience might be inclined to try 6 on for size? But least it would let me experience more of the game and have fun during EA when its all off the rails anyway.

The olive branch is that now most of the people who came here from BG2 have set our expectations pretty low. Basically just hoping for an optional setting, when of course I'd rather a design based around 6. Can't get to 6 without full support for 4 though, so it's still hard for me to understand where the hurt comes in adding two more slots? XP is the easiest thing to adjust of all the things that might be adjusted.

Also this is completely off topic, but it would be fun if a TPK allowed me to walk around the area as a ghost for a bit. They could use that idea to test out random stuff like flight or pathing. I hope the game gets a ghost or spirit state. That's one thing I do remember fondly from NWN even if it wasn't really exectuted fully in vanilla. That was my favorite part of my PW hehe. Throw a feature like that in EA and I'd run around as ghosts just to look at the beautiful areas for a few minutes after each time my party got chunked. Whether its a haunting of 4 or 6! Still seems like that'd be entertaining lol

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