you broke it down a lot. You are not wrong but the main issue with the shove we have now is that it is no shove. Even when we are playing a fantasy game we need basic physics to work. NO matter how strong you are, if you are missing the weight to properly counter the weight of what you want to shove, it won't work.

go try to shove a car sideways. It will not move. No matter how strong you are. You will just push yourself away. if you say now you can do it when you brace yourself THINK what bracing yourself means in the formula. bracing agains something that is either immovable or WAY heavier then that car.

May be a little overcomplicated explanation but this "THROVING" needs to end.

Please larian do us all a favor and make a "shove you colleague" day and implement what you expirience.

what we have now can happen when an ogre shoves a halfling. Today a goblin "shoved" my FULLY ARMORED dwarf UPSTAIRS into a spiderpit.

I use shove on my dwarves now because they move farther that way. smirk

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