Why does it take so long for BG 3 to either load or reload? I've got games like Doom and BG for which reload within sends and they are as much as 20 years old or more and with 6 patches and who knows how many hotfixes it's still taking up to 3 minutes to reload the game? This should have been fixed long ago as there is no reason for which a new game should take so long to load. Even saving the game takes a while now and it didn't before.

Also in Patch 6 in the quest "Find the missing shipment" I think that one there is bugged. When Wyll used the spell Mysti Step to gain the High ground by where the ladder is the battle started and once it started all my other players were frozen in place where they were and I couldn't get them to move, attack, or anything because they weren't including right away. Also what the heck is the gnomes AC and saving throws for that quest? That was the worst battle I've been in this playthrough and I had a heck of a time hitting with anything; didn't matter whether it was a spell or weapon. Even if I had 100% chance to hit I'd get a critical miss. Yet most time of the time there strikes on one of my members would land. It was like I was battling a group of 20th level foes and I was only 3rd level.