I think if they disentangled the DM-perspective narration from the Illithid-influenced interjections, and stopped conflating them, that would go a long way.

- Yes, Dm narration is important for helping to set a scene and set tone.
- No, that sultry bedroom voice, or vaguely condescending honeyed tone is not always appropriate... in fact it's very often not, at all. I don't like it, at all.... and in the actual romantic scenes, it feels like an intrusion, to me.

- No, a DM should NEVER tell a player character how they feel (emotionally; it is their job to give you sensory feedback, of course) or what they think. EVER.

- Yes, we are being influenced (or something is attempting to influence us, at least); attempting to make us think and feel certain things, or make certain decisions.
- This needs to be CLEAR, at least at the DM-to-Player level, which is where the DM operates, that it is an outside influence. Flag these thoughts and feelings as being strange, or as being not quite our own, and, ideally, give us a chance to define our actually emotional reactions to such things.

- Separate the Voice-in-out-head, from the DM narrator; they are and should be two distinct things, and conflating them just makes the entire situation come off poorly, in my opinion.