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I still don't understand the resistance to a 6 person party. It doesn't hurt players who just want 4. If you like only 4 because you don't want to have the hassle of managing the items and equipment of 6, then only have 4 in your party. And by the way, I don't understand this anyway because you still have to manage all the items of your entire group at camp. The only difference is that you have to switch them all in and out in order to manage all of their items; unless you're just going to ignore the people you leave at camp. And if you're going to ignore them anyway, then, once again, let that be your choice. Don't limit those who want 6 who want to manage 6 people in their party.

And if your concern is difficulty of gameplay, because they might build challenges based on 6 characters so that they are too hard for 4 characters, they can tweak the system to make that not an issue. Either they can build into encounters some sort of system that increases or decreases enemy stats based on the number of characters you have in your party at the time, or they can do what we've been suggesting and implement a split XP system where experience is split between the people you have in your party. So 4 characters would level up faster than 6, making challenges just as difficult for 4 as they would be for 6 because the 4 person party would be naturally at a higher level than the 6 person party.

I'm just not fully understanding why this is an issue. Why fight for 4 and therefore limit those who want 6? The game would work out so much better if they allowed for 6 in SO many ways.

And if item management is your biggest issue, then I have the same issue. Item management in BG3 sucks right now. It needs to be fixed. However, the party size should not be limited just because of a broken item management system.

Let us have a party of 6!!!! Please!!!!