We have recently seen that patching/updating Baldurs gate 3 can and will be delayed on various platforms (this is perfectly understandable in regards to Mac versions due to different chip sets, and awesome that Mac is getting patch 6 today!)

Google Stadia however, is a different affair. Stadia is a subscription based service that is SUPPOSED to offer higher end PC gaming hardware streamed to your drvice. There has been no indication from Google that patching the Stadia machines should be any different from patching a PC game on steam or GOG, infact when asked about the delay of baldurs gate 3 patch 6, Google has solely laid the blame on "the developer"...namely larian.

Could a Larian moderator possibly elaborate on the challenges associated with patching a Stadia game? Does the "custom" nature of Stadias CPU and AMD GPU greatly affect the performance of these patches?

Many Stadia users worry, as we have to weigh the pros and cons of paying a monthly fee to play these games on higher settings vs possibly saving money up to buy new hardware, so being in the dark with Google only saying "not our problem, the devs haven't sent us the patch" leaves us very apprehensive for the future.

Thank you in advance.