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Balancing encounters via stats and amount of enemies will work, but it will require extensive playtesting of every encounter for 5 and 6 people too. Why waste QA's time on testing combat encounters when they can be looking for bugs or testing quests and other stuff that actually matters for every player? Mods will allow a party of 6, it's not a deal breaker for people, unlike unbalanced gameplay for people who will buy the game only if they can play solo or duo.
This all stands on two bad assumptions:

1) that Larian feel the urge to provide perfectly ballanced experience to everyone, no matter how big, or what members his party will have ...
Wich obviously isnt quite true (at least not yet) ... Larian simply created game ballanced for 4 people ... and if you want to go with 2, its your choice ... thigs will be harder for you, but if you wish ... you can, no tunning is happening if you do ...

Perfect example are those Intellect devourers on start ... if you cast Shadow away, they will obliterate your ass if you are not carefull enough. smile
Why? Bcs game dont care that you decided to cast out your companion, you are suppose to be group of 2 by now and in that numbers, encounter is fine ... if you decide to get there solo, its potentialy harder ... if you decide to open tomb instead (and manage to laugh ) you can get there other way around with 4 member party and that encounter is trivial as fuck.

2) that players feel the urge to be provided perfectly ballanced experience to them, no matter how big, or what member their party will have ...
Once again, that is false asumption ... since no modder in the world would go through every single game aspect and tuning it for more party members ... they simply find the rule that say "when party members = 4, dont allow another member to join" ... and change the number from 4 to 6 ... NO ADDITIONAL TUNING AT ALL ... wich (surprise, surprise) is EXACTLY what we (or at least some of us) want from Larian. laugh

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