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I'm going to keep asking until Alyssa responds or someone quotes me and then she responds to that (in case she's ignored me), because at this point the conversation is just getting repeated.
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Is it so hard to understand, that there a lot of people who liked NWN1 being centered around sole PC, who only bought OS2 because they could play it with only one PC? People who like parties may want 6+ PCs, but they will still be happy with 4. People who want to play with controlling only one PC won't buy and enjoy a game where they will feel handicapped playing that way.
It's much easier to make a game enjoyable and balanced for 1 and 2 sized parties using Lone Wolf-style mechanics if the maximum size for the party is 4.
As BG3 is right now, playing as a solo character in BG3 will be really difficult, especially at later levels.

@Alyssa_Fox, how do you think Larian should implement Lone Wolf mode for people who want to play BG3 solo, if not increasing experience point gain?

5e doesn't have "X skill points gained each level" that can simply be doubled, and power in D&D mainly comes from abilities & spells which are determined by class level and not the amount of points put into a skill. Perhaps your idea of how to implement this might result in some understanding/resolution of allowing a 6-person party by doing the inverse...

Action per turn, spell slots and other per rest powers, HP will require tuning. It will require testing if just doubling or quadrupling them is good enough, but these stats will definitely need some adjusting to level the field for solo/duo players.