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Sure. They are objective metric for sales. Who are you even trying to fool here?
Are we trying to attempt the angle where any criticism should be dismissed on the virtue of popularity contests?
Guess the only good movies are the blockbusters, too.

Still, popularity can be measured and popularity proves that something is appealing and enjoyable for an average customer. It is important for AAA games, because AAA games are blockbusters of video gaming industry. So, if your tastes are niche and specific, then play niche games, watch niche movies, read niche novels, but don't try enforcing your niche tastes on general public. You have a right to dislike something majority likes, but calling it trash is edgy and dumb, you need to learn to respect the tastes of majority, because, after all, our modern society is based on preferences of the majority and democracy and in video gaming industry customers vote with their money.

The only thing outdated here is your pretense to be taken seriously every time you make a claim like this stating it as a fact.

No real approval system for companions, few skill checks in social interactions, lacking and mostly boring combat encounters, horrible interface, etc. Older BG titles didn't age well. At least Planescape has writing as it's saving grace, but BG writing is very generic and cliche.

Complete, utter bullshit. You're delusional.
Dragon Age Inquisition isn't even the best Dragon Age and the oh-so-lauded Dragon Age Origins was often considered a second-rate attempt to recapture the magic of BG2 by most of the people who knew better.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is the most successful video game launch in BioWare's history based on units sold. That's a fact.

I wouldn't really consider these three games combined as good as BG2, NOT EVEN even with the tech advantage and some design choices I'm far more favorable to (i.e. turn-based combat over RTWP), let alone if they were going to lose that edge.
And the third is a completely different genre anyway, so I'm not sure of what relevance it's even supposed to be (still, mechanics were always TW3's weakest points).

It's funny how you say things like that and claim that other people are delusional. You claim that your opinion is superior, what you like is complex and amazing, but what majority likes is trash. Yet there are no numbers supporting your words, no objective metrics, no statistics, just your opinion without any real proof.