Any chance of us getting decent versatile weapons that we can actually Dual wield? A lot of the good ones that are "Versatile" say that "They Can't Be Dual wielded which I think sucks. not to mention the fact that Larian assumes that everyone is right-handed making the right hand the main hand. what about the left-handers in the world? Surely you can't say that they didn't exist back then.

So far the only decent weapons for which you can dual wield are either one-handed weapons or if they are a versatile weapon they either can't be dual-wielded or their enchantments don't work in the off-hand like the Shattered Flails 1d6 healing damage. Shouldn't matter what hand it's in as long as you got it equipped the enchantments should work. How is the inanimate weapon going to know what hand it's being used in?