You know, your response bugs me. Do you DM RPGs at all? I've been tabletop RPGing for like 25+ years. I know how to build encounters, and I know that you can build them in such a way that regardless of party size, they are doable.

That's one of my big pet peeves with BG3 right now. They are trying to build the game using impossible enemies. Then they nerf them horribly. A single intellect devourer is a tough fight for a level 2 party of 4. 3 is insane. 3 imps fighting a party of 4 level 1s is also rough. I took a party of 3 players at level 1 through BG3 using tabletop, and the Prologue was rough with Lae'zel helping. They did it, but it was rough. Lae'zel almost died in the first imp fight.

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