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@Alyssa_Fox, how do you think Larian should implement Lone Wolf mode for people who want to play BG3 solo, if not increasing experience point gain?
Action per turn, spell slots and other per rest powers, HP will require tuning. It will require testing if just doubling or quadrupling them is good enough, but these stats will definitely need some adjusting to level the field for solo/duo players.
Appreciate it.

I agree that actions per turn and HP could be useful and relatively easy to tune - simply scale from anywhere from 1.5-4x. Doubling spell slots...eh maybe will be a slight buff to power, but given the ease in long resting in BG3 this won't be that huge of an effect. However, an especially tricky mechanic is concentration. I'm assuming a Lone Wolf Solo character probably won't be able to concentrate on two spells at once, whereas a party of 4 could have up to 4 concentration spells going on at once. Or hey, maybe that'd be an appropriate and very interesting mechanical change by Larian - double concentration? At the very least, the novelty would attract players to at least try a lone wolf playthrough = game replayability.

Another problem is the ability for enemies to easily CC your solo character. In Divinity this is offset by +60% Physical and Magic armor, but in BG3 it'd be...saving throws? One thing that higher level characters gain is the ability to better succeed on saving throws (e.g., Fighter's Indomitable, Monk's Stillness of Mind, Paladin's Aura of Protection), all of which would be missing in this type of Lone Wolf mode. Unless Larian simply buffed all saving throws by ~+5 (roughly giving you 50% more chance to succeed) I can foresee this being a big problem...