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Yes, that's a good point, double concentration would be a very welcome addition in that case. And not only in combat encounters, buffing characters for social encounters is important too. Which also makes me think that Lone Wolf should probably grant you some extra skill proficiencies.
If implemented I think they'd need to restrict double concentration to solo (not duo) playthroughs. 2-person parties, each with double concentration, would be able to get into some crazy shenanigans. Especially since anyone can use scrolls atm.

As for skills, yeah giving extra proficiencies is probably better than a flat bonus to all skill checks. 2-3 additional ones perhaps.
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Another problem is the ability for enemies to easily CC your solo character.
Agreed, that one is tricky, because on the one hand the players shouldn't feel immune to CC, but on the other hand getting CCed when you only have 1 or 2 characters can be quite deadly. I don't know if a flat buff will be the best option here. What do you think about advantage on saving throws after the first round of being CCed?
Honestly that might not be enough. One turn of CC, against a group of >4 enemies, could be enough to just outright kill you. Especially if they chain-CC you with additional effects.
I'd suggest either advantage on all (first?) STs, a flat buff (proficiency bonus?) to all STs, or maybe a pool of Legendary Resistances per long rest. Where after a failed ST, you can expend one of those uses to succeed. Though this wouldn't work with Larian's lack of reaction systems, and so would simply turn into "you automatically succeed on the first X STs per day" which is bleh...

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