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Tell me what I'm missing here.
Well besides that fact that there will be more origin characters, so we will most defnietly not abke to take them all ... wich was confrimmed both by datamining and Sven himself.

There is one tiny detail here: Long rests.
Since right now story progression is tied to resting especialy with companions ... since we can talk to them mostly in camp only.
If you add two other characters we could spend much more time in field ... since we would have more hp, dmg, spellslots, carry weight ... more everything to keep us from resting. 🤣
Personaly i dont see that as a such huge problem ... i say let people screw the game the way they want ... but since you asked. 😁

You keep saying that, but my point is that you can have every single original origin character in your party. So, you know, every character who appears on the title screen and who is obviously the most important non-custom character, who they chose to make the stars of EA because they are clearly more important than whatever future characters they release. But regardless, the more origin characters you have the more annoying it's going to be to have a party of four. Increase the number of origin characters, and you increase the number of times you have to switch characters out if you keep the party size to 4, thus proving even more that we need a larger party size. If I have 10 origin characters, let's just say, and 4 party member slots, in order to experience the full story, I'll have to switch out party members constantly. A party of 6, not so much, and just forget story altogether in multiplayer games of 4.

As for resting, yeah, well, I'm trying to get them to stop with character development only at camp, and have been from the beginning. It's a broken system to force people to long rest just to fully interact with the characters. It would be much better to simply trigger dialogue on the road with your party than the constant, "Let's talk at camp" bit.