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who is obviously the most important non-custom character, who they chose to make the stars of EA because they are clearly more important than whatever future characters they release.
You keep saying that ...
But same as Goblin leaders are not big bosses of Act 1, no matter how much you wish that ... those companions are not any more important than rest Origin characters will be.

Why did they chose to make them first?
Bcs theyr classes was done first. laugh

Why was theyr classes done first? Fighter, Rogue, Cleric, Wizard and Warlock ...
The most basic classes you find. laugh

Dont search anything deeper in that. smile

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the more origin characters you have the more annoying it's going to be to have a party of four. Increase the number of origin characters, and you increase the number of times you have to switch characters out if you keep the party size to 4, thus proving even more that we need a larger party size.
This dont make sence to me ...

Party of 4:
I need to take Wyll with me for his quest ... i release one companion ... i take Wyll instead.

Party of 6:
I need to take Wyll with me for his quest ... i release one companion ... i take Wyll instead.

Where is any difference? laugh

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If I have 10 origin characters, let's just say, and 4 party member slots, in order to experience the full story, I'll have to switch out party members constantly. A party of 6, not so much
Oh that is what you mean ... that with bigger party there is bigger chance that i will have Wyll in my party allready!
Well, yes ...

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and just forget story altogether in multiplayer games of 4.
I know, i know ... this is actualy main reason for 6 members party for myself.

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They wouldn't have to rebalance the whole game.
Agreed ... simply allow us to recruit two more people and dost adjust anything, we can handle that. :P

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