The idea that a 'Narrator' would be a 'character' in the game is absurd.
There is no reason, either RP~wise, or BG~wise, that the narrator needs to be a character in-game.

I am excessively happy that you chose the female standard for a narrator, and even moreso, that you chose one who did such a good job as 'Malady' in DOS:2.
She did an exceptional job, and it is to her credit that she was recognized for her VA talent, and able to be the narrator for BG3.

I do however, respect those whom want voiceless narration. It is a choice, to be sure, one that is going to bring confusion onto the MC and their party as if it is silenced there will be no 'amplifying information' about their situation, but you know, Larian, some people just either want to go in blind or they just want to be surprised, so I am giving a +1 to a 'toggle' for the narrator in options.