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As for 1-3 member parties, that's on the players. You want to challenge yourself and go fight everything solo, then you just have to accept the challenge, OR set the difficulty setting to Easy or whatever it will be once they actually implement difficulty settings.

Why? Why people who like 6 person parties are more important than people who like playing RPGs solo?

Because an RPG like BG3 is not meant to be played solo. Neverwinter, yes. Skyrim, yes. The Baldur's Gate series is built on being a party based series of games, and that is how D&D is meant to be played as well, as a party. If you want a solo game, there are plenty out there. What you seem to be trying to do is force a game to be both solo and party based and somehow balanced for both when it is the 3rd game in a series that has been based on a 6 person party from the very beginning.