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6 is too many for a turn based game like this IMO. Some of the longer fights in act 1 already drag out a bit long and thats with 4 chars to control. I’d bet they play-tested 6 earlier in development and decided yeah this is too slow.
See, this is a prime example of what I was saying. If there was an option for a party of 6, with the 4-person mode left unchanged, it wouldn't affect you at all.

I agree that if Larian balanced the entire game around a party of 6 AND compensated by increasing the number of enemies you face, combat might take even longer. But if Larian increase enemy HP and/or use stronger enemies instead of adding more enemies, you'd actually be able to play the game more! Assuming you're controlling all or half of the characters, your turn in a 6-person-party would come up about 50% more often than it would playing with a 4-person party.