In D&D 5e, there are only two rolls with a chance for automatic failure or automatic success: attack rolls and saving throws vs death. That's it. For example, let's say you have +7 to slight of hand, and you try to lockpick a DC 5 lock. You will succeed 100% of the time. If a powerful wizard casts a spell with a save dc of 30, and your save bonus is only +2? You will fail 100% of the time.

In BG3, though, literally every roll has critical success/failure chance. That means the expert locksmith will be unable to pick 5% of the locks, even if the locks are DC 1. It also means the level 1 wizard can Tasha's laughter a great wyrm red dragon 5% of the time. It isn't right.

Please do not change what's not broken. Get rid of all the hidden automatic success/failures in this game and stick to the only two that actually exist in 5e.