Giving up on BG3. Uninstalled (for the last time) and requested refund.
Since Hotfix 15 (back in August), BG3 has failed to launch. Game crashes on launch (same place every time), about 25% of load meter, with Shadowheart’s background picture, with an ‘application hang’ error.
I am on a PC (Dell/Alienware) using Steam. I have been communicating with tech support (several email exchanges) and have gone through the various support technical issues.
Tried uninstall/re-install, validated flies, update drivers, uninstall and reinstall drivers, no other programs running, Vulcan and direct X updated, launching from exe, admin from exe, modifying exe, changing folder names, deleting files, changed drives, and even updated to Windows 11…but nothing has worked!
Never had so much frustration from a game before.