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You can't base party size on encounter balance. Why? Because party size is already too varied. From the very beginning of the game, the first encounter, you could have the MC, Lae'zel and Us OR just you and Lae'zel OR you, three other players, Lae'zel and Us, or you, three other players and Lae'zel. It depends on who you have playing. Is it single-player mode or multi?
This is it exactly! Party size is already something that can vary within the game, by Larian's own design! So arguing against the option of a party size of six based on encounter design is obviously an invalid argument.
Wrong, it actually a proof of how party size affects difficulty in encounters. Killing commander Zhalk with just Lae'zel is extremely difficult, with Lae'zel, US and Shadowheart it's a piece of cake.
I know you are ignoring my coments, but i ask anyway ... maybe someone else will repeat it to you and maybe you answer me after that. laugh
Who exactly said having more party members "does not affect dificiulty of encounters"? O_o

I thought that people were talking about that game remains the same (no tuning, no changing, no adjusting to bigger party) and litteraly nobody cares about unballancing it.
I thought that point of those posts you quoted is that people dont wish this game to be reballanced for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 party members respectively ... just being ALLOWED to have them, litteraly nothing more!

Also killing General is not "extremely difficiult" ...
As long as you posses protection from evil and good (or other AC buff that reduces chance that Mind Flayer will be hit, none other i know about is as effective as disadvantage tho), then Illithid will kill the general himself, honestly our 1-5 damage once per aproximately 5-10 turns when we finaly dont miss ... dont do so much difference. laugh

(A little offtopic: GM4Him ... now when i mentioned it, i remembered that this is why i was against incerasing levels for everyone ... your own significance is then lost quite fast, when "big boys play" laugh.)

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I still dont understand why cant we change Race for our hirelings. frown
Lets us play Githyanki as racist as they trully are! frown