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I know you are ignoring my coments, but i ask anyway ... maybe someone else will repeat it to you and maybe you answer me after that. laugh
Who exactly said having more party members "does not affect dificiulty of encounters"? O_o

The person I quoted said that "arguing against the option of a party size of six based on encounter design is obviously an invalid argument", which is wrong, because while tutorial area can be completed with just one Lae'zel, if you try to kill every cambion it's much easier to do with a bigger party. Same goes for every encounter in the game. A party of 6 is much stronger than a party of 4, and not only in combat encounters, in social too, because you have access to more buffs, more skills, etc...

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I thought that people were talking about that game remains the same (no tuning, no changing, no adjusting to bigger party) and litteraly nobody cares about unballancing it.
I thought that point of those posts you quoted is that people dont wish this game to be reballanced for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 party members respectively ... just being ALLOWED to have them, litteraly nothing more!

...and we can't ignore that, because an ability to bring 6 characters into an enviourment balanced for 4 will remove the challenge and without challenge many players will not find the game enjoyable. We all play videogames to get our dopamine hit, and for majority of the players overcoming obstacles is one of the ways to trigger that hit, unless you play just for story or something like that, then of course you don't care. Now if you play to overcome challenges, then these challenges must be properly balanced, because if the difficulty is too hard then it will cause frustration and if it is too easy it won't get you high on dopamine. You can already have a party of 6 by using mods, if you want Larian to make it official, they will have to rebalance the game for that party size because players will take a party of 6 even if they would've enjoyed playing with a party of 4 more. Why? Because a party of 6 is stronger and players want to maximize their power in any legal way possible. So if we allow players to become stronger we need to adjust teh difficulty so that those stronger players will still get adequate challenge and enjoy the game.

Btw, it's the reason why people critisize barrelmancy, because "just don't use it" argument is bad, players who hate barrelmancy will feel forced to use in an encounter they find sufficiently hard. They will hate it, but they will do it, and chances are they won't enjoy it that way.