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The person I quoted said that "arguing against the option of a party size of six based on encounter design is obviously an invalid argument", which is wrong, because while tutorial area can be completed with just one Lae'zel, if you try to kill every cambion it's much easier to do with a bigger party. Same goes for every encounter in the game. A party of 6 is much stronger than a party of 4, and not only in combat encounters, in social too, because you have access to more buffs, more skills, etc...
You know what is funny?
You both are saying the same thing, just focusing on different parts. smile

He say that no matter if you go into tutorial Final battle just by Youreself (I know you cant really deny Lae'zel joining you, but you can attack her before she even starts talking to you, kill her and never recruit her ... it require little metagaming i admit that, but it IS possible ... or you can easily simply left her in previous room i forgot her there once laugh) ... or with full party wil Lae'zel, Shadowheart and Us ... the encounter is still the same ... notice this: "same" not "same difficiulty". wink
And you say that if you go just by Youreself, the encounter is hard ... but you take the others, it become a lot easier, BECAUSE you have them to incerase your power.

But the point remain the same in both cases ...
Generals HP, AP, Statistics, damage, anount of enemies in that room, the fact that two others will come in later ... litteraly none of those things changes to reflect how many player characters just come in.

And that is litteraly why that person said its invalid argument
> when no ballancing is happening for smaller-than-expected size of party ... then no ballancing is happening for bigger-than-expected size of party. smile
> since encounter with Commander Zhalk remains exactly the same wink

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I thought that people were talking about that game remains the same (no tuning, no changing, no adjusting to bigger party) and litteraly nobody cares about unballancing it.
I thought that point of those posts you quoted is that people dont wish this game to be reballanced for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 party members respectively ... just being ALLOWED to have them, litteraly nothing more!
...and we can't ignore that, because an ability to bring 6 characters into an enviourment balanced for 4 will remove the challenge and without challenge many players will not find the game enjoyable.
That is the thing, we dont "ignore that" ... or at least i dont for sure ... we just dont believe that game needs to be redesigned from the scratch ...
That is why we (i) said that there should be toggable option to incerase your party limit WITH WARNING SIGN, that will tell you that doing this will affect ballance and will cause your game easier compared to what it was designed for. :P
See? Not ignoring, acknowledging and let others to acnowledge it too ... this is the way. smile

I realize its lazy solution, but you cant deny its effectivity. laugh
I mean everyone who will toggle this option will be warned about lowering difficiulty ... therefore nobody can complain about that, since they all "agreed with terms of use", in other words we can expect everyone who will be using this option will be using it despite the fact that difficiulty will be lowered for him ... or maybe exactly for that reason (looking at you Githyanki patrol). laugh

Also note that in the future, when there will be Difficiulty settings, 2 OPTIONAL party members can help us to adjust this even better ...
Do you wish Hardcore challenge? Use Hardcore difficiulty.
Do you wish Hardcore challenge, but Hardcore difficiulty is a little too Hardcore for your taste? (I know it sounds like oximoron, thats bcs it is, but w/e, not the point here) ... Allow another 2 party members and lower the difficiulty a little, while keeping everything else exactly the same. laugh

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We all play videogames to get our dopamine hit, and for majority of the players overcoming obstacles is one of the ways to trigger that hit,
Yes and i believe we should be able to adjust our challenge as we see fit, to suit our own needs.

I mean look at curent state of this game ...
Its ballanced for 4 people ...

Do you desire to have more challenging encounters? You go with 3 people ...
Do you desire to have even more challenging encounters? You go with 2 people ...
Do you desire to have even more challenging encounters? You go Lone Wolf style ... and there are people who did this and still managed to get through whole EA, and had their dopamine hit exactly as they wanted. :P

But do you desire to have a little less challenging encounters? You go with 5 people ... NAH YOU CANT, unless you download another software to altern your savegames and potentialy ruin your game whole (wich happened to me). laugh
And there are people who did this and still managed to have fun going through whole EA and had their dopamine hit exactly as they wanted it. :P

This is the whole point here ... freedom of choices, and ofcourse suffering the consequences. laugh

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players will take a party of 6 even if they would've enjoyed playing with a party of 4 more.
Well, right now we have situation just other way around ...
Players are forceed to take a party of 4 even if they would've enjoyed playing with a party of 6 more.

The whole point is allowing both sides to get the experience they want.

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Because a party of 6 is stronger and players want to maximize their power in any legal way possible.
I mean i do understand what do you say ...
But it seems to me like set game to easiest difficiulty possible, and them complaining about that combat is not challenging enough. O_o

That is why its part of settings ...
That is why there is warning sign ...
That is why people who are toggling this need to agree with change they will cause ...

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So if we allow players to become stronger we need to adjust teh difficulty so that those stronger players will still get adequate challenge and enjoy the game.
Difficiulty will be added in the future ...
So far the only way we can enjoy our 6 members party, is the save alterning software ... do you know what ballance changes it make with rest of the game? None. smile
And nobody is complaining about it. laugh
Gues why. laugh

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Btw, it's the reason why people critisize barrelmancy, because "just don't use it" argument is bad, players who hate barrelmancy will feel forced to use in an encounter they find sufficiently hard. They will hate it, but they will do it, and chances are they won't enjoy it that way.
And it will be entirely their own fault ...
If i stuck my hand inside fire, i cant complain about the fact im burning ... i simply should not stuck my hand into fire ... or at least should take it out. laugh

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I still dont understand why cant we change Race for our hirelings. frown
Lets us play Githyanki as racist as they trully are! frown