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No. Ragzlin... can I call you Ragzlin? Thanks. It's much shorter and easier to type.
No ...

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It has nothing to do with what I'm wanting or presuming.
Oh really ...

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A party of 5-6 Level 1 characters could defeat 3 Imps at a time. A party of 1-2 could not. Period.
I see some presumption here ...
Like presumption that Larian will use some 5e monters that are, again presumed, totally unfitting as enemies for level 1 character ... ​O_o

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That's the logistics of it.
Since Logistics represents the organization, planning, management and implementation of goods flows ...
I dare to presume here you wanted to say logic ... yet its not logic, its just your presumptions.

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If Larian used proper Imp stats instead of their nerfed down homebrew stats, there is very little possibility that a party of 1-2 (MC + Lae'zel) could beat 3 Imps. Period.
Indeed ...
So why would they use them in such case? O_o
And probably more importantly, why would they even bother with creating weaker version, and nerf it even futher a little later ... since if you remember, Imps in previous patches had Fire and i believe even Poison Resistances.

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And IF you only had a party of 1-2, then by the end of the very first encounter, even IF you managed to somehow beat 3 imps, you would gain, using XP Split, enough experience to level up to Level 2.
See there is another presumption ...
XP split, something nobody except you (and i believe one or two other people i have seen) never mentioned previously, like ever ... and game curently dont even show any hits that they would like to implement it in the future ...
Quite the contrary since they were fixing that tiny detail, that Shadowheart was 30xp late, compared to rest of our group.

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A. They are not using proper D&D stats but have nerfed the enemies considerably because they know you will likely (in single player mode) only have 1-2 characters on average to face 3 imps, and

B. That if you only face said 3 imps you'd gain enough XP to gain a level up after your first encounter. So they severely nerfed how many XP's you should get from that encounter so you don't level up right away.

And C. they either nerfed it both ... or never even cared about what stats or XP reward monster with same name should give.
Imps were simply chosen bcs they are fitting best Tutorial atmosphere ... and XP was chosen so it fits their game.
Nothing deeper there.

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Again, however, that would only be IF they used actual D&D 5e stats.
In other words ... if your presumption has ben corect.

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So, what I'm saying is, make it so players start with 4 Customized Characters whether single or multiplayer, increase party size to 6, and use proper D&D stats, and the entire game would be perfect for a legit D&D 5e experience with proper XP gain per encounter and proper challenge ratings and so forth.
In other words ... change litteraly everything you builded so far. laugh
I mean come on ... you change stats, you change party size, you change starting party (even tho i believe it was confrimmed in the past that we will be able to create multiple custom characters in Single player), you change xp reward system ... whats left? O_o

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Then use Difficulty settings to allow players to adjust to their own desired number of characters. If you want 4, adjust Difficulty to make encounters easier (nerfed) like it is now.
This is first pure suggestion without any asumptions ...
And i totally disagree with that ...
As we said multiple times before (and you were agreeing with that too) simply allow party of 6, warn people who allow it that game was not ballanced for that amount of characters and everyone should be happy ... there is litteraly no reason to create double amount of Difficiulty settings based on party members number. -_-

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But for the love of all that is holy, give players the option to have up to 6 and make that the norm. Then make options to allow players to balance it more for their preference.
Yes, this is the right way ...
Allowing 5th and 6th party member AS PART OF DIFFICIULTY SETTINGS!

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I've tested it via Tabletop. I know what I'm talking about.
And that is why you are wrong ...
We keep telling you this for last 3/4 year and you still dont get it. :-/
You are using different set of rules (yes many of them are same, and many of them are based on your rules... but they are NOT SAME) ... therefore your simulation are false. -_-

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