Now see? That's why I was saying that the game is already balanced for a party of 6. They wouldn't have to rebalance anyting. They would just need to use proper stats for all monsters. The game is only balanced for a party of 4 currently because they severely nerfed all the monsters.

And now I have to ask, "Would it really make combat so much slower to add 2 more party members?

Let's take the goblin camp battle. There are like 20 enemies or so versus your 4. Now, if I had a party of 6, wouldn't it stand to reason that I would kill 20 enemies faster? I get 2 more attacks per turn at least. So if, with a party of 6, I get 6+ attacks against an ogre per turn if I gang up on it, wouldn't I kill it faster then if I only got 4 attacks?

And what is with so many people arguing that they have to rebalance the game? They have to do that anyway once the game is released and they lift the level cap. Even in the games current nerfed state, once they lift the level cap, your party should be at least level 5 if not 6 by the time you get to the Underdark unless you skip a lot of content.

So rebalancing is going to have to occur regardless or the last few sections of EA are going to be way too easy.

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