Are you sure using DnD stats without changing anything else would work ?

We're fighting a bulette at level 4 and 4 harpies at level 3.
Too powerfull and/or too weak ennemies if I trust the CR. In other word, unappropriate ennemies...

What level should be a party of 1, a party of 2, a party of 3 (and so on) to fight 2 ettercaps and 2 phase spiders with DnD stats ?

You obviously know DnD better than I do but if I'm trying this specific combat in an encounter builder for DD5, it does not seem easy to balance...
- party of 4 (average if everyone is level 8)
- party of 5 (average if everyone is level 7)
- party of 6 (average if you're level 5)
- party of 2 (average if you're lvl 14...)

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