I don't want the game easier for a party of 6. I want them to balance it for 6 simply by implementing ACTUAL D&D stats, because by doing so I'd actually get a more authentic D&D experience, the game would work best for multiplayer this way, and everything would work SO much better.

Imagine imps with resistance and a poison sting. Imagine intellect devourers with Devour Intellect... You know, their PRIMARY attack that makes them what they are. Imagine phase spiders that actually phase and pounce on you with hit and fade assassin-like attacks instead of teleporting around and spitting poison at you. Imagine skeleton scribes hurling magic missiles and chromatic orbs two or three times each and proving a challenge for 6 party members instead of being kinda sorta easy for a party of 4.

Imagine a goblin boss during the first Grove gate fight having multiple attacks and using redirect attack. Imagine facing a Bugbear Chieftain with 65 HP and AC 17 and multi-attack with a party of 6 when saving Nadira, the pink haired tiefling instead of this lame weak-butt Bugbear that can die in 1 round and is kinda like, "What the flip was that" when facing it with a party of 4.

Over and over again, all I can see is how much better the game would be with a party of 6 and using proper D&D stats. They do this entire game such an injustice with a party of 4 and everything nerfed. It saddens me, which is why I'm so passionate about the party of 6.

Make it for party of 6. THEN create options for people to be able to play it with less than 6. The prologue is built with proper D&D stats for a party of 4 Custom PCs + Lae'zel and maybe Shadowheart or Us or both. The intellect devourer battle on the beach is similarly built for a party of 4 + Shadowheart. The battle in the crypt is built for a party of 6. The grove battle is built for a party of 6. The phase spider battle, the hag battle, the ogre fight, the githyanki fight, the gnoll fight... all of them! IF they used proper D&D stats.

So the reason we have these nerfed monsters without their proper special abilities is simply because they decided at some point to go with a party of 4 without changing any of the monsters and such that they're using. It just makes no sense to me. They made the game so much less D&D in order to go with a party of 4 which is so limiting in both single and especially multiplayer.