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So then what happens when a player uses only a party of 1? That makes all the encounters too difficult and so Larian has to change the encounters to keep them from being too difficult, right?
I think most of us who play solo like it for the challenge and don't want the game to be changed to make it easier, takes all the fun out of it.
Right. Exactly. So how is it any different for those of us who want to play with six? If you get to have the choice to make the game harder for you (by getting to play solo), why shouldn't I have the SAME choice to make the game easier for me (by playing with six)?
You are arguing with the wrong person. I have said countless times I don't care if you guys get an option to play with your 6 people. I have also said that I think there should be two options, the current one for 4 and another for 6. Or that they could compromise and give us 5. What I don't want is to be stuck playing an overpowered character because some of you (maybe not you specifically, don't feel like rereading this thread) want to shove xp balancing on any number of party members just to get your larger party.

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As always, this is easily solved by options and exp splitting. If you want to play a challenge solo mode, don't enable exp splitting and level up at normal speed. If you want to play a normal-difficulty solo mode, enable exp-splitting (and/or Lone Wolf). It'd take Larian ~zero additional effort to make such changes optional instead of mandatory settings.
If they go this route then it should make most everyone happy.