Ugh. This limit for multiplayer sucks! It's so dumb. Not only do you rescue Shadowheart on the nautiloid, and she says, "We should travel together." Then two seconds later she says, "Well, you have too many in your party. We wouldn't want to draw attention now would we?" And then she takes off running TOWARDS the helm, ya know, the same place you're going, BUT...

You arrive on the beach, all four of you. There's Shadowheart lying there. You wake her. She goes into an even greater litany on how she thinks it'd be really good to travel together and how we need each other and everything.

Two seconds later, "But it looks like you are really travelling with a full group, aren't you. That's a bit too much for me," and she gets kinda snarky with you for having a party of 4 already. Then you can either dismiss her completely or send her to camp and you tell her you'll mark it on her map. If you send her to camp, she says, "All right. That works for me, I guess. I'll wait for you there." Then she takes off running and vanishes.

Now... um... just woke up on the beach. I don't have a camp yet. How'm I sending her to camp and marking it on her map when I ain't got no camp yet?

It's all totally bad. Zalk was easy to kill. Cleric, Fighter, Ranger and Druid with Lae'zel, we were just beating the tar out of everything.

Until they give us an option for 6, why would anyone WANT to multiplayer this game? All encounters are super easy, you can't do any of the origin character side stories or quests because you can't take them with you in your party, dialogue doesn't make sense and they're constantly telling you that a party of 4 is just WAY too many for them. The only cool thing about 4 player multiplayer is that you can have a party of 4 custom characters. Oh, and I also like how your custom characters will dialogue with one another.

Other than that, 4 player multiplayer is severely limited BECAUSE the game only allows party of 4, and it's only been made worse with Patch 5 and 6.

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