It's like saying, "Here's the rules to DnD. Now, play DnD."

"Wait! We're changing the rules because DnD is too hard..."
(blah blah blah, we know what changes was made)

Are you still playing DnD?
I wonder how would you feel about this example. smile
I really, really wish to know your answer. laugh

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So long as the difficulty is exactly the same, which I'm afraid won't be possible. And that it's a hard toggle, and no way to recruit past 4 without it on.

Because if you can, you have to. That's just how it works sometimes.
But why is this Larian's problem? Isn't this your problem? You are choosing to make the game easier for you by taking six, in exactly the same way as those who are choosing to make the game harder for them by taking only one. You cannot legitimately complain about the game becoming easier by saying you are somehow "compelled" to take six. No one from Larian showed up at your home, put a gun to your head, and made you do it.
This is similar to the "don't like it? don't use it" argument that's also used for other Larian homebrew like lack of long rest restrictions, eating food to heal, shove instakills, bonus action jump+disengage, wizards learning cleric scrolls, trivial stealing from merchants, etc. (Note: I restricted these examples to things that are actually possible to avoid, unlike e.g., BA Shove which enemies will use against you.)
It is not similar ... its the same and valid argument in both cases. laugh

This is just how it is ...
Larian give us options ... its up to us if we want to use them or not.

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My proposed solution to the above is a hard toggle in settings that defaults to off, that isn't advertised, and that comes with a warning "this game is balanced for 4-person-parties." This would be enough of a disincentive that I wouldn't feel bad playing with 4, but would still allow people to play with 6 if desired. Also add a "split exp" toggle, so your party-of-6 can either be balanced or not: the player can choose.
Best option would be to give everything on toggle ...
But its easier for Larian to simply create system they want, and leave the rest for mod-comunity. laugh

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Level 5 Wood Elf Rogue Arcane Trickster
Level 5 Half Orc Barbarian
Level 5 Drow Mage
Level 4 Dragonborn Cleric
Level 5 Half-elf Druid
Level 6 Human Fighter

Bulette lost some health before it moved. Then it ran and jumped into the midst of three of them. Down went the Mage and Cleric, and the Fighter lost almost 30 HP out of 56. Then it bit the Barbarian, and he lost something like 24 HP. They pummelled it a few more times. It jumped. Down went the Druid, and the Barbarian lost most of the rest of his health. Then it bit the Barbarian, and he went down for good.

Rogue stabbed it with her short swords, then the Fighter finished it with two swings of his longsword.

Bulette fight via Tabletop. Two rounds. Most of the party wiped, and they were on average Level 5.

Bulettes are supposed to have +7 to hit and 4d12+4 damage per bite. Then, when they jump, everyone makes a DC 16 Strength or Dexterity Save. If you succeed, you don't get knocked prone and you take half damage, but you are still pushed 5 feet away from it. If you fail, 3d6+4 piercing + 3d6+4 bludgeoning damage. That's 6d6+8 damage total to everyone it lands near.
Should the game be a party of 6 and set to D&D stats? It should at least be an option for those of us who REALLY want a genuine D&D experience with a real challenge because if you gave us a real Bulette fight and let us be Level 5 or 6 by the time we go into the Underdark, with a party of 6, our characters would not be slaughtered by it, and you wouldn't have to nerf the creature to avoid pissing off your entire fan base.
It should certainly not ... for reasons you described in spoiler part ...
I believe this is the part when mod-support come to play ... i bet that Larian counts on that someone who wish to have pure DnD stats for monsters will altern them ... it dont quite make sence for them to invest time and resources to create two completely separate systems just bcs someone like that, and someone else wants this. :-/

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