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Multiplayer. 4 players. Severely limited. Dumb dialogue that makes no sense. Too easy gameplay. Can't do origin side quests because you can't even have them in the party... Not even 1.

And injured imps and intellect devourers ain't the problem.

Imps don't have resistance or poison stings.
Intellect devourers aren't newborns if they have max HP that equals that of adults.
Intellect devourers don't do their very basic signature move, devour intellect.
Intellect devourers don't have resistance.
Phase spiders don't ethereal jaunt, they misty step across the board.
Phase spiders spit poison.
Bulette doesn't wipe the floor with 4 level 4 characters when it can almost wipe the floor with 6 level 5s.

And I could go on and on and on and on.

Fact:. Stats are severely nerfed to fit the mold of the very limiting 4 character max party.

Fact: 4 player multiplayer is severely limited and gameplay quality reduced because of 4 character party max.

Fact: 6 character max works IF proper stats are used for monsters. If not proper stats, party of 6 is too easy.

Solution: Provide an option for max 6 plus an option for true D&D stats.

None of this affects my opinion on the end result, nor my experience rescuing SH in the tutorial. If, as you claim, the game is balanced for 6, then a total party size of 4 shouldn't trivialize content.