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I still have not heard 1 solution to the 4 player multiplayer issue with Max 4 party size. More than anything else, if they don't increase party size to 6, Multiplayer with 4 people is severely limited and you can't enjoy all aspects of the game.

Which issue is that? Do you mean lacking Origin Characters? Because on full release, as I said earlier, you can have a party with nothing but Origin characters, so the limit here is "but the game works the same for MP and any aspect of MP, as it does for SP"?

And every time someone says, "You have SO many people in your party already," I just wanna laugh. 4 people is OH so many. [Sarcasm] Come on.

Sounds like Composer and I are on roughly the same page.


1. 4 party = everything as is for you "Please don't change the game" folks.

2. 6 party = D&D 5e stats and rules and XP rewards.

Slight homebrew is usually necessary. Totally get that. Especially boss monsters. What fun is there if you don't throw a nasty homebrew boss in here and there. Phase Spider Matriarch is perfect example. Don't mind her having special powers. Teleport around, spitting poison. That's good for her. Not for her minions.

So you want this to be more like 5e, but when you're presented with a table that has a total of 5 players, including a DM, it's broken. From this, I postulate that you believe that any table that doesn't have 7 players isn't playing proper DnD? You say that the game is already balanced for a party of 6, and my experience tells me that a party of 4 already breaks some of the encounters, by trivializing them. My first tutorial run after this update, I cleared the first encounter after picking up Lae'zel with just my rogue, and a bow. I got a sneak attack on each of the Imps, because they didn't see me kill their buddies. Lae'zel and Us never entered combat. Why would I need a party of 6? Even if I'm playing MP, and one of them pulls a Leroy Jenkins, a party of 4 would still be overkill. So that encounter definitely isn't "balanced for 6 players", right? Yet, this is the claim you make to support this requested feature.

On one hand, you want Intellect Devourers to be more powerful, ignoring the stream where Sven literally got owned by them, and on the other, you complain that those same imps are already wounded. Why? They've been fighting Intellect Devourers and Mindflayers, shouldn't they be wounded? The evidence is plain to see, just by walking into the room, and looting all the bodies laying around. I have to wonder, as well, if anyone has actually had to reload after that first imp encounter because they got owned the first time? I'm sure that, if they had, they'd be all for increasing the party size to make it easier to survive that, right? It makes sense to me, and it's not like I haven't seen similar arguments in other places.

...and here, we have a major disconnect. Isn't one of the abilities of a Phase Spider that they can "teleport around"?

A phase Spider possesses the magical ability to phase in and out of the Ethereal Plane. It seems to appear out of nowhere and quickly vanishes after attacking. Its Movement on the Ethereal Plane before coming back to The Material Plane makes it seem like it can Teleport.


It's mighty nice of you to concede that a Phase Spider can do what they're designed to do. The spitting is homebrew, according to this source, but the phasing in and out of the Material Plane is a bonus action, called Ethereal Jaunt. Why do I, a player that hasn't touched TT since 4e know this, but you, a self professed DM, don't?