In it's current state, it's not really much use, but this spell could be very useful if Larian could add some functionality to what the hand can do:

Combat Abilities:
Unarmed Strike: [Implemented] Currently deals 0+1 damage or 1 damage. Would be nice if this improved to 1-3.
Trip or Topple: [Suggested] Allow the hand to attempt to trip or topple an enemy to create prone for 1 round.
Grapple: [Suggested] Allow the hand to attempt to grapple an opponent, a successful grapple reduces speed and AC and attack by -1 for 1 round.
Shove: [Implemented] Would be nice to indicate in the tip what the strength of the hand uses. I've only tried shoving once or twice unsuccessfully.
Throw: [Implemented] Issue here is since the hand can't pickup anything, it doesn't have anything to throw so useless.

Other Abilities:
Pick Up Item: [Suggested] Allow the hand to pick up and carry 1 item up to 2 pounds in weight. This would allow the hand to pickup and carry an item and optionally throw it.
Drop: [Suggested] Allow the hand to safely drop the carried item or give it to the MC or party NPC.
Open: [Suggested] Allow the hand to open doors and containers that are not locked.
Interaction: [Suggested] Allow the hand to move levers, turn wheels, press buttons, basically simple actions.

I'm hoping that Larian will add some of the above abilities because the spell seems pretty useless in it's current state.