There is more things that should be changed acording to Mages Hand ...

First of all i would like to point out that this Cantrip have duration ... and yes i know its suppose to have duration in tabletop too ... but i really dont see the reason, nor any gameplay-wise benefit from that, so i dare to say this should be changed to "as long as you keep concentration".

Second, hand (as far as i know) is able to fly as far from its caster as it manages during its minute existence ...
That should on the oposite being changed back to tabletop style, with adding maximum range.

And last, but probably most importantly ... hand (and honestly even Magic Familliars, and most summons in general) should not be threated as self-concious followers ...
Since this is only magical construct that Caster controls by his own mind hand should:
1) Have its initiative roll ALLWAYS tied to its caster ...
2) Use its caster Actions and Bonus actions ... practicaly working as exactly that what is is, pro-longed hand of its caster.
3) If you would demand some combat usage ... i gues the best you could get is delivering Casters touch-spells (wich is something i really hope familiars will get) ... i believe that is something Mage Hand should not do either, but i would say it seems logical, if Wizard is able to give his enemy Shocking Grasp through his Toad minion, he should also be able to give his enemy Shocking Grasp through his Mage Hand.

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Unarmed Strike: [Implemented] Currently deals 0+1 damage or 1 damage. Would be nice if this improved to 1-3.
Why? Or based on what?
I mean what would be logic behind such change? I believe you certainly dont want to tell us that hand have +2 Strength modifier, do you? laugh

As far as i know this thing is not even suppose to attack by itself, so even this damage is allready buffed.

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Trip or Topple: [Suggested] Allow the hand to attempt to trip or topple an enemy to create prone for 1 round.
I like this idea ... kinda ...
But chances should be incredibly small.

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Grapple: [Suggested] Allow the hand to attempt to grapple an opponent, a successful grapple reduces speed and AC and attack by -1 for 1 round.
Seems a little too powerfull ...
Reducing 3 stats seems too much to me. :-/

I would have no problem with hand grapling either leg, to reduce movement speed, or hand, to reduce AC ... both should be relatively easy o shake (like dif 5 or 7) and hand should be destroyed if saving throw will pass.

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Shove: [Implemented] Would be nice to indicate in the tip what the strength of the hand uses. I've only tried shoving once or twice unsuccessfully.
Isnt there percentual chance of sucess for shoving? O_o

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Throw: [Implemented] Issue here is since the hand can't pickup anything, it doesn't have anything to throw so useless.
While i would see no problem with Mage Hand accesing Wizards own inventory ... it should not work other way around tho. :-/

Also i have to disagree here, since Mage Hand still can throw around all objects that are just there around you ... i usualy throw crates and weapons that lay on the ground. smile

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Pick Up Item: [Suggested] Allow the hand to pick up and carry 1 item up to 2 pounds in weight. This would allow the hand to pickup and carry an item and optionally throw it.
It allready can throw items on the ground ...
It would be nice if it could also hold them and bring them to the mage.

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Drop: [Suggested] Allow the hand to safely drop the carried item or give it to the MC or party NPC.

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Open: [Suggested] Allow the hand to open doors and containers that are not locked.

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Interaction: [Suggested] Allow the hand to move levers, turn wheels, press buttons, basically simple actions.
+1 And "pour the contents out of a vial". wink

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I still dont understand why cant we change Race for our hirelings. frown
Lets us play Githyanki as racist as they trully are! frown