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Unarmed Strike: [Implemented] Currently deals 0+1 damage or 1 damage. Would be nice if this improved to 1-3.
Why? Or based on what?
I mean what would be logic behind such change? I believe you certainly dont want to tell us that hand have +2 Strength modifier, do you? laugh

Well, since the hand isn't supposed to be used in combat, 1 point of damage seems pretty worthless, 1 to 3 seemed more useful but it's not based on anything. DMs can change rules as they wish, so I assume Larian can do the same.

As far as Grapple goes, I didn't mean to infer that all three stats would be affected. You would choose where the hand grappled, leg effects movement, weapon hand effects attack, shield hand effects A/C. Only lasts one round if the saving throw succeeds.

I like the idea that the hand would be an extension of the mage's hand allowing touch spells to be used through it. +1

I did not know that the hand could pickup and throw something. Never tried it mostly because I only tried using the hand a couple of times and it didn't work the way I suspected. Thanks for the reply on this.

Mostly though, this was just a discussion topic on a spell that is more useful in the tabletop game than how it is currently implemented in the EA. I'm assuming that someone with Larian scans these topics and maybe take back a suggestion or two.

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