Also i just remembered ...
The hand is flying, it would be great to allow it hower over chasms, abyss, holes and cracks ... like when you get to that place, where Tiefling kids are hiding ... there is chest across the chasm ... you can get Mage Hand there ... but the only way to get chest back to you is to throw it and hope it will not break.
(usualy it does ... and funy enough, when it does, you loose the loot, since the gem that was inside was too fragile laugh )

So if the Hand could hower over that chasm while holding the chest ... that would be awesome. :3

Originally Posted by Kethlar
Well, since the hand isn't supposed to be used in combat, 1 point of damage seems pretty worthless
This seems self-explanatory to me ...
"Im using in combat something that is not supposed to be used in combat ... and it feels worthless when used in combat" ...
Maaaaaayyyyybeeeee it have something to do with the fact that its not supposed to be used in combat? laugh

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