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Well, since the hand isn't supposed to be used in combat, 1 point of damage seems pretty worthless
This seems self-explanatory to me ...
"Im using in combat something that is not supposed to be used in combat ... and it feels worthless when used in combat" ...
Maaaaaayyyyybeeeee it have something to do with the fact that its not supposed to be used in combat? laugh

Rag, isn't that a bit condescending? If Larian never intended for it to be used in combat(and I agree, they shouldn't) then why did they make it usable in combat? What other use does the hand's attack option have? Kethlar obviously expanded his idea on a function that Larian has already implemented. So maaaaayyyyybeeeee you can tune down your responses a bit. You seem to be the only one that find them witty anyway.