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First of all i would like to point out that this Cantrip have duration ... and yes i know its suppose to have duration in tabletop too ... but i really dont see the reason, nor any gameplay-wise benefit from that, so i dare to say this should be changed to "as long as you keep concentration"
Mage Hand shouldn't require concentration at all.

Mage Hand should be useful for picking up or interacting with items at a distance. Obviously it should be able to float over chasms.

It's ~fine for Mage Hand to have combat abilities AS LONG AS it takes your action to control the hand. Otherwise, for the cost of a cantrip, you're effectively getting an entire additional turn. It's a cantrip; it shouldn't be that powerful. Especially given how OP Shove is in BG3 with instadeath pits.

If it doesn't require your action, then the hand (which can only pick up things < 10 lbs) should really only be able to handle items or maybe do an unarmed strike for 1 damage. And in this case it should require concentration for balance purposes, given that you're no longer spending an action to make it do things.